Interior architectures: mapping ungovernable memory.

An ongoing series of cross-media works folding power narratives in on themselves.

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One of the most important concepts in the theoretical work of Michel de Certeau is his complete inversion of our expectations of how we tend to think power works. He shows how the neglected and disempowered, despite overwhelming force from above, can tactically invert and redirect institutional power structures to their own ends. In this ongoing series, Interior Architectures, Joel explores this concept in harmony with the notion of queering ecologies, and asks a fundamental question that runs through both — who gets to map our futures? Digging deeper, these works ask, what knowledges, power structures and beliefs map our relationship to nature?

These mysterious yet hopeful photographic works enigmatically represent inscrutable paper sculptures printed with custom patterns, isolated against a warmly black velvet backdrop. Their landscapes are mysterious, ungovernable, torn at the edges. Beauty becomes resistance. They’re ready to be terraformed afresh through new interpretation and new memory.

A selection from these works were exhibited at FLOOR_ in Seoul in 2022.

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Saima Zaidi & The Oxford University Press

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