These studies led to further studies.

Typographic art vividly rendering destructive and complex history with cultural sensitivity and just a little bit of rage.

Project Services

  • Art Direction

Saima Zaidi & The Oxford University Press

  • Saima Zaidi

Renowned Pakistan-based scholar of visual culture history Saima Zaidi is working on a followup to Mazaar, Bazaar — her groundbreaking study of design and visual culture in that country.

Saima commissioned Otherness to produce visuals for one of the pieces in the collection, a Pulitzer Grant-funded essay by Ivan Sigal, the executive director of Global Voices.

The Circular Railway is an abandoned infrastructure project that continues to destructively shape life in the city even as it lays dormant.

Over a year of dialogue and co-creation, Saima and Joel explored the possibilities of how to represent visually the hopes and erosion embodied in the project’s unbuilt form, and its endless false starts.

Only rubble remains.

Clearing the way for the Railway meant plowing through places where life was previously thriving. In their place, now, linger trash dumps and neglect. These visuals take the Urdu letterforms for the intended station names and pass them through filters of distress and erosion, representing the endless tumult of the project.

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