Even a shower cap can have a sense of place and purpose.

In-room toiletry packaging concept for one of the world’s top luxury hotel chains.

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We did not need to convince one of the world’s best established and most respected luxury hotel brands of the value of storytelling. End to end, this brand already had an evocative editorial content strategy locked in, meaning that by the time a guest arrived in their room, they not only had service expectations but very specific expectations for surprise and delight.

But there’s always room to push experience even further — isn’t that the whole point of this kind of hotel?

We identified an opportunity to extend surprise and unique levels of tranquility into the otherwise neglected detail of in-room toiletries. If you’ve ever forgotten a toothbrush or needed a shower cap at an otherwise very expensive hotel, you’ll know what it feels like when you get a crappy plastic-wrapped disposable that feels cheaper than everything else you’ve touched. Why not take a moment to push things further, or even tease other hotel locations, with a deeply Instagrammable and unexpectedly beautiful single-use experience?

A gentle impression of peace.

Inspired by the contemplative nature of travel journals, the toiletries feature custom-written haikus grounded in specifics of the chain experience, translated into the three major languages that the hotel serves — English, Chinese, and Arabic.

To match the refinement of the overall experience, these haikus are delicately copperplate embossed white-on-white, creating a tactile and contemplative moment, fully calibrated for that slow flop into relaxation as you hit the mattress at the end of a long day.

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Ian Bennett

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