A beautiful future is exploding into view.

A brand with forward motion for a Dutch strategy consultancy, packed with all the possibilities the universe allows.

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By definition, a phenomenon is rare. Generally, their root causes are not so much mysteries as fascinatingly distinct. They are happenings that may be within the rules of our known physics when we come to understand them, but when we first encounter them, or often every time we encounter them, they push us to challenge and reframe those base understandings. It arrives in our language via a Greek formation which means something just as interesting in its simplicity — ”a thing appearing into view”.

For the visionary Dutch strategy consultancy Phenomenons, the key to bringing the enigmatic things of the future into view for their ambitious clients — generally no-nonsense founders of challenger brands and growth stage startups — lay in data science and behavioral psychology. An absolute precision in methodology that set them apart from the everyday big business consultancies would lead to beautiful, jaw dropping discoveries. Event horizons. The kinds of moments that shift our understanding irrevocably.

Otherness crafted a brand language sparkling with the energy of the greatest phenomena — simple elements shifting in tension through gravity, and releasing with the energy of a supernova. It existed in motion of imagery, type, and color, sparkling with promise and potential across every application.

Even the simplest deck can contain the universe

As much as the Phenomenons brand was designed to play as a stunning supernova of a standalone, any business consultancy worth its salt lives and dies by its decks and its business cards. Otherness created templates that maintained the experience across all presentation needs, from the most mundane of graphs to clear dramatic moments. Process and team structure were represented through a consistent system of mathematical symbols, indicating particular disciplines and expertise.

These also manifest on team members’ business cards, each of which contained a distinct portion of the overall shape of the shifting phenomenon at the heart of the brand.

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