Is there anything lovelier than a beautiful box? (No, there is not.)

A refined and technical brand identity, and seriously luxurious packaging, for a performance-driven watch strap startup.

Project Services

  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction

Artem Watch Straps

  • Ingmar Swalue

Artem Straps is a D2C-focused watch strap manufacturer with a signature sailcloth-based product that had gained notice from the likes of Refinery29 and Vogue.

To meet their ambition to become the “Aston Martin of watch straps,” we crafted a brand identity inspired by sports cars and high end engineering, with a signature diamond logo that needed to manifest on a tiny buckle to meet the requirements of demanding craftspeople, and writ large across digital platforms. It’s a refined and technical brand, presented in royal blue and soft greys. The highly engineered package that the strap arrives in is a sculpture in itself, with crisp edges and shadow play, with the product itself masked and misted until the final moment.

Unboxing should be theater.

The box the strap was packaged in is a showstopper. It’s Otherness turned up to 11. In an industry where influencers rule, this was a meticulous unboxing experience that would stand out across YouTube and Instagram, garnering raves and a parade of wow moments as influencers got their hands on it. If you can get them to say “I’ve never seen a box like this in my life,” you’re winning every argument you need to make about material innovation.

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